Caja11 – SAAS Retail Management & Point of Sales Solution

Step into the future of retail management with our groundbreaking SAAS product. Designed to seamlessly handle multi-store sales, stock maintenance, device management, and electronic invoicing.  Its multi-language features work for both the United States, United Kingdom, (Englis), and Columbian Spanish language.


Completion Date : 26/05/2023

The Need for the SAAS Retail Managment System:

In the rapidly evolving retail landscape, businesses face increasing challenges in managing multiple stores, coordinating inventory, and streamlining operations. Recognizing this need, Tekmist Solutions developed a SAAS product for our Columbian & USA customers to address the pain points faced by retailers. Our goal was to create a centralized system that simplifies the management of stores, products, customers, suppliers, and devices, providing real-time insights and enabling effective decision-making.


Our SAAS Solution:

Using the latest technology stacks we offer a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the complex demands of modern retail management. With our SAAS application, retailers can effortlessly manage inventory across multiple stores, track sales, monitor stock levels, and optimize supply chain operations. The user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation ensure a seamless experience for users of all levels of technical expertise.

Our software development team used .NET 6 microservice architecture with MySQL database to build the backend of the solution. All our APIs are being consumed by my powerful full Javascript framework Angular and desktop & mobile applications are designed using Flutter. Our DevOps engineers integrated GitLab pipelines with DigitalOcean instances to automate the deployment lifecycle.

Our Web Application , Desktop Application, and Mobile Application both Android & IOS services represent a significant leap forward in retail management, offering businesses a comprehensive solution to effectively manage multi-store sales, inventory, and device management. Embrace the future of retail by integrating our application into your operations, and witness improved efficiency, streamlined processes, and increased profitability. Discover the power of our cutting-edge technology and take your retail business to new heights of success.


The implementation of our SAAS product development has yielded remarkable results for businesses in the retail sector. By providing a centralized platform for managing multi-store sales, our application has significantly streamlined operations, reduced manual efforts, and minimized errors. Retailers now have access to real-time data on stock availability, sales trends, and customer preferences, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Improved inventory management has resulted in reduced stockouts and increased customer satisfaction, while efficient device management has enhanced productivity and user experience.

Major Goals of the Project:

Streamlining Operations:

Our primary objective was to create a comprehensive system that centralizes and automates various retail management processes, streamlining operations and reducing the administrative burden on businesses.

Enhanced Inventory Management:

We aimed to empower retailers with real-time visibility into stock levels, sales data, and replenishment needs. By optimizing inventory management, businesses can reduce costs, prevent stockouts, and ensure the availability of popular products.

Improved Customer Insights:

Our application provides in-depth customer data, including purchase history, preferences, and demographics. By analyzing this information, retailers can personalize their marketing efforts, drive customer loyalty, and boost sales.

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